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Donating recycled soaps etc.
We can never get enough blankets, bath towels and toiletries, (soap, shampoo, toothpaste and tooth brushes) for our charity partners. Please contact us to donate any usable product.

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Toilet Paper Origami

Delight Your Guests with Fancy Folds - Leave a great impression and put a smile on your guest's face. Linda Wright's little books and iPhone app can be found here.

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Sunrise Children's Villages
The Sunrise Children's Villages are two orphanages located in Phnom Penh and Siem Reap, Cambodia. and were created in 1993, following a visit by Geraldine Cox. The orphanages care for hundreds of orphaned or disadvantaged Cambodian children.
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Wish Magazine

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Everything about soap from Wikipedia
Overview, History, Production methods, Process and much more.
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Additives to make plastic biodegradable donít cut it
Coming up with a solution to plastic waste is a commendable effort however misleading people into believing in throw away plastic is simply irresponsible.
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Hotel Slipper Reviews
More hotel slipper reviews here on Trip Advisor
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Sachet soap 24g x 300 AO-S24S

Sachet Soap 24g Ophir Range

24g sachet wrapped soaps $60.00 incl. for 300

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