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What Are Parabens And Why Should You Avoid Them
If the ingredient list on your skin care product includes the words methylparaben, propylparaben, or butylparaben, itís time for you to switch to a safer, less toxic product.

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Triclosan is dangerous so choose Tea Tree oil as a natural and safer antibacterial

Antibacterial soap, Hand sanitisers

It is safer to use a natural antiseptic / antibacterial like Melealuca Oil (choose tea tree oil products and be safe)

Save Triclosan for the hospital environment where it's use may be justified. Remove it form your everyday use because it is dangerous for you and the environment.

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Luxury Waffle Slipper for Hotels and Resorts

Luxury Waffle Slipper for Hotels and Resorts

Always in stock ! Bulk order discounts are available.

  • Cartons of 100 pairs
  • Size  28.5cm  & 31cm.
  • Material cotton waffle weave 
  • Style Open & Closed Toe
  • Luxury, soft, attractive, great quality.
  • 5mm EVA sole
  • Suitable for carpeted areas and general use in rooms and bathrooms
  • Bulk order available  

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Ophir 20gm Pleat Wrapped soap

Ophir Pleat Wrapped soaps

20gm and 40gm

100% Pure Vegetable soap with Verbena essential oil

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