The excitment surrounding those little hotel soaps

The excitment surrounding those little hotel soaps
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One of the exciting things about staying in a hotel is discovering what soaps and shampoos await me. Each hotel brings a new experience. I'm currently fond of the tall, cone shaped bottles used to package the products. They're fun to look at, hold and keep, although the contents dosn't always match the appearance. Some products have such a delightful fragrance, some even a perfumer would have a hard time unraveling. You find these in the classy hotels and up-market B&Bs. Most budget and chain hotels use the same relatively inferior products, but I smile because the cute little bottles still intrigue me. Nearly all of the fun of hotel soaps and shampoos comes not from seeing them in the bathroom and taking them home, but from falling in love with one so much that it necessitates an accidental stroll-by swiping from the housekeeper's cart in the hallway. Sneaking around the hallway of a hotel, grabbing tiny bottles of some wonderfully fragrant shampoo and conditioner I'll never find elsewhere can be frustrating. This obsession ultimately resulting in an evasive internet search for the product manufacturer or supplier. Always foiled when attempting to find it in a home use size container. - anonymous

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