What Are Parabens And Why Should You Avoid Them

What Are Parabens And Why Should You Avoid Them
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Back in 2007 I provided an article here titled ""What Are Parabens And Why Should You Avoid Them"" , ten years on and the reasons I listed back then are still very relevant today, so I am re-posting the details for you.

Parabens mimic the hormone oestrogen which is known to play a role in the development of breast cancers, can bring on early puberty, and can lower sperm counts, affecting the male reproductive system. Doesn’t sound like anything I want to mess with. They can be found in skin care products ranging from shampoos and moisturizers to topical pharmaceuticals and toothpaste, and have also been used as a food additive. It’s actually in most products that are not specifically labelled “paraben-free.” The reason for adding this chemical is to provide a preservative, the logic being that it is safer without potential bacteria and microbes damaging the product, to make it safer and longer lasting. There are safer options of chemicals with a larger molecular structure that can be used, making the products a little more expensive to produce. Having lost a loved one to breast cancer I think it is worth the effort to read the labels and know what your products contain.

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