The Ophir range by Anoni Mor is designed to be great value.

It has minimalist ideals with its attractive, tall and sleek white tubes. The Anoni Ophir Range is built around value for money and modern appeal. It was designed for guests that expect something new and different.

These products have the smell of coffee. They smell exactly like a cup of freshly ground, freshly brewed coffee with cream and its really amasing how people really love this smell, both as a beverage and as a fragrance. It is surprising that more coffee-scented body products don’t exist in the marketplace. 

For anyone who shares our obsession, and for anyone who wants something new, something different and appealing, here it is. In addition to the coffee it soothes the skin with coconut oil.

Does it improve circulation with the caffeine contained in the coffee extracts? Does that stuff actually work? Do the aluring aromas of these products make one feel happier and more energetic, through aromatherapy or the power of suggestion? You will find the answer is Yes!

Earth Sciences

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Earth Sciences® 

With a revitalising and uplifting fragrance, providing a punchy, citron/mint palette combined with  the excellent earth friendly accessories like the bamboo comb and toothbrush and further complimented by recycled, post-consumer packaging, Earth Sciences® is a tonic for the senses.

Expertly blended by an aromacologist with 100% organic essential oils that include mandarin zest (Citrus reticulata), lavender (Lavandula angustifolia), rosemary (Rosmarinus officianalis), peppermint (Mentha × Piperita) and  spearmint (Mentha spicata) come together to create such an invigorating and uplifting scent that it is just a delight to use. Vitamins C and E are rich in antioxidants which help protect and enhance the skin and hair. Combine this with extracts of Jojoba oil, sweet almond oil and Shea butter that leave hair soft and nourished and you have an absolute winner of a product offering.

Your guests will delight in this bath collection. You can sense the love that has been built into this product. Starting from the stylish logo, the clear labelling and easy to read fonts, the earthy choice of colours that compliment today’s modern fashion trends, the efficacy of the ingredients and the enthusiasm with which it is offered to the market by its creators.

The Earth Sciences® Bath Collection expertly blends every element of its creation with the necessary science, research, marketing and purpose together into an invigorating offering that your guests will love. SO necessary in creating those memorable experiences that bring you the reward of positive reviews. Offer it to your guests today and measure the results, you won’t be disappointed. 

Earth Sciences® Premier Formulations, free from:

  • Sulphates (SLS/SLES)
  • Parabens
  • Synthetic fragrance
  • Artificial colour

Cruelty-Free Development.

The manufacturers are fully committed to cruelty-free development and manufacturing. These products and formulations are never tested on animals

Packaging Innovation.

Using a variety of packaging resins that are highly recyclable, including PET, HDPE, and LDPE. The bottles, cartons, and labels are made from the most readily available recyclable materials, most of which is sourced from post consumer materials already.

This range was designed in Australia by Anoni Mor Pty Limited


Eco Basic Essential


Enriched with Organic Olive Oil and Organic Honey

Fragranced with Pure Essential Oils

Orange and Sage    

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Hotel Slippers

With a choice of 21 sizes and styles you can find exactly the Luxury or budget slippers you need for your guests !

Stock is dispatched from our warehouse in SYDNEY, NSW. AUSTRALIA

Free sample in Australia, you pay the postage. Click this link NOW.

For competitive rates on Wholesale Hotel Slippers please call .

A guest review from Trip Advisor - "The room was immaculate, and every item in it felt very high quality. Even the slippers were the best hotel slippers I've ever used, and the bathroom accessories (including a surprisingly good hair brush) were excellent. Items were replaced on a daily basis, so almost as soon as we unwrapped a brush from its little Mandarin Oriental bag, we'd find another one in the bathroom."

Hotel slippers in cartons of 50 pairs for delivery to Brisbane and Queensland, Sydney and NSW, Melbourne and Victoria, Perth in Western Australia, Adelaide and South Australia

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The Soap Shop

Welcome to the SOAP SHOP

Our quality soaps are made using the finest vegetable oils and Shea butter that is good for your guests skin. We use natural essential oils like lavender, sage, rosemary, mint, mandarin. Also honey. The use of Pure Essential Oils not only adds a beautiful fragrance but positively affects our emotions. Our packaging is eco-friendly.

ECO Fresh Amenities

ECO Fresh is a complete range of hotel guest supplies and amenity essentials designed to cater for all personal needs.

This comprehensive range allows the option to select the right size and packaging to suit your specific needs.

Make up removal wipes, Nail polish removal wipes. Paper wrapped sachets for the soaps, shaver, comb, toothbrush, shoe care sponge, shower cap and grooming kit. Sachets of shampoo, 15ml and 30ml tubes or in 5L or 25L bulk containers for your lotion dispensers.

Refresh and revive while you cleanse with an invigorating citrus fragrance sensation.

Liquids and soaps have been formulated with essential ingredients to maintain moisture, leaving your hair and skin healthy and feeling alive. Paper wrapped sachets to reduce plastic waste. Environmentaly responsible products made with EcoPure Bio degradable plastic aditive 

There are matching wall bracket dispenser systems and bulk liquid refills available.

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Kudos Guest Toiletries

Kudos Spa Hotel Guest Amenities, Spa and Retail Cosmetics. by concept amenities

Create the ultimate ambience with Kudos Spa Hotel Guest Amenities, Retail Cosmetic Products and Spa Products. These modern and appealing cosmetics and Spa products capture the essence of urban living and are based on the unique, vibrant colours of life. The fragrance will waft through the room with appealing fresh aromatics.

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Kudos Spa Cosmetics and Hotel Guest Amenities are available in a delectable range that has been designed to feel and smell as good as they look. These Hotel Guest Amenities, Retail and Spa products feature a lustrous range of bold metallic colours in its packaging with delightfully fragrant, High Quality Formulations that will provide a memorable holiday experience that can be taken home or purchased on -line and enjoyed all year round. Add the hotel products to your rooms and the retail products to your salon for instant appeal. 

Kudos Spa Hotel Guest Amenities, Retail and Spa products have been designed for the stylish contemporary spa experience.

Hospitality products feature first, scroll down for retail and personal sized items

Ecossential Elements

Elements of Nature
Ecossential Elements has been inspired by the wonders and freshness of nature. Get in touch with your environmental spirit with this range of skin & hair care products and hotel guest toiletries that have been enriched with organic Aloe Vera and botanical extracts to cleanse, purify & reveal your most natural beauty.

Accessories in frosted sachets compliment this range.

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Basic Earth Botanicals

Earth Care liquids and soaps

Basic Earth Botanicals is an environmentally sensitive guest amenities range of hotel guest soaps and toiletries suitable for the eco minded hotel, resort or Bed & Breakfast establishment. Elegant simplicity and high quality ingredients combine to pamper your body and delight the senses. Basic Earth Botanicals liquid products contain the finest of additives and the soap is produced from a moisturizing vegetable base. Treat your guests with this modern and fresh range of toiletries and soaps.

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ViVE  - The ViVE Fig & Almond range offers quality and style, the perfect hotel product that combines a very appealing fragrance with a high quality product in stylish packaging. VIVE is beauty, style, nature but most of all, VIVE is efficacious. It's new and it incorporates all of the qualities of the existing top-end skincare brands, offering a total body, mind and soul experience.

Plus there is a matching dispenser system and the bulk liquid products are available for refilling. Now you can have dispensers that match the accessories. Bulk liquid refilling - save money, save time and save the environment. Your guests will love it and so will you.

Bulk Liquids

Bulk Shampoo, Bulk Hair Conditioner, Bulk Bath Gel, Bulk Hand & Body Wash and Bulk Body Lotions & Balms.

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Top quality liquid soaps and lotions to fill your dispensers.

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This is a list of dispensers, dispenser brackets and replacement parts, all of them are interchangable with

ECO Fresh
Hydro Basics
Pure Herbs
Molton Brown


 for a range of bulk liquids for refilling please click here to go to the Bulk Liquids category

Basic Accessories

Miscelaneous hotel products and other daily use products

  • disposable paper products
  • accessories 
  • consumables

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Pure Herbs


With pure essential oils of Rosemary, Melissa and Thyme

Our herbal range is under development, please watch this space or join our mailing list for regular updates of the new ranges coming to the market soon. 

You can also leave requests in our inquiry page.

Bath Salts

Benefits of Bath Salts

There are a great deal of health benefits to be gained from a relaxing salt bath.

Salt baths are great for:

Stress relief
Improving circulation
Reducing muscle aches and pains
Increased blood flow
Increased nutrient absorption
Increased mineral absorption
Headache relief
Quickening the healing of wounds
Aleviating symptoms of illness, especially respiratory illness
Improved sleep
Reducing the symptoms of acne, eczema, psoriasis and other skin problems
For joint pain relief
To help relieve insect stings, stinging nettle rashes and inflamatory skin reactions
Improving skin hydration

Luxury Waffle Slipper for Hotels and Resorts

Luxury Waffle Slipper for Hotels and Resorts

Always in stock ! Bulk order discounts are available.

  • Cartons of 100 pairs
  • Size  28.5cm  & 31cm.
  • Material cotton waffle weave 
  • Style Open & Closed Toe
  • Luxury, soft, attractive, great quality.
  • 5mm EVA sole
  • Suitable for carpeted areas and general use in rooms and bathrooms
  • Bulk order available  

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Ophir 20gm Pleat Wrapped soap

Ophir Pleat Wrapped soaps

20gm and 40gm

100% Pure Vegetable soap with Verbena essential oil

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