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Earth Sciences Starter Pack x 50

Earth Sciences 35ml 

Starter Pack
(50 sets) $ 100.00

  • Shampoo 35ml
  • Conditioner 35ml
  • Body Wash 35ml
  • Body Lotion 35ml
  • Boxed Soap 40 gsm

Indulgent high quality products with Shea butter, Almond Oil and Jojoba oil. Pure Essential oils - No artificial fragrances

EBE Started Sets 15ml

Essentials Started Sets 15ml (100sets )

  • Shampoo 15ml (100 tubes)
  • Conditioner 15ml (100 tubes)
  • Bath Gel 15ml (100 tubes)
  • Body Lotion 15ml (100 tubes)



Ophir ABS set

100 Sets $99 including GST

Free freight option via Australia Post

To Anywhere in Australia

Ophir Shampoo 100 x 20ml

Conditioner 100 x 20ml

Sachet soaps 100 x 24gm

* Must be within any Australia Post Delivery zone in Australia

Ophir Starter Set 24SA

Ophir Starter Set 24SA

Sets of 50 of each liquid plus

100 24gm sachet soaps.

$65.00 + gst

Sachet soap 24g x 300 AO-S24S

Sachet Soap 24g Ophir Range

24g sachet wrapped soaps $60.00 incl. for 300

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