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Monstera Adansonii Swiss Cheese Plant

Monstera Adansonii

The Swiss Cheese Plant

can require a bit of patience


No Direct Sunlight

Coir or Peat based soil

Temperature 18.5°C – 29.5°C

High Humidity

Well drained Soil






How to Care for Monstera Adansonii - your Swiss Cheese Plant

Sunlight: Direct sunlight scorches leaves. For that reason, any location getting filtered sunlight helps Swiss Cheese Vine thrive. Philodendrons are jungle vines and grow towards the direction of the light. To prevent this, rotate your planter each week.

Watering: This houseplant needs watering when the topsoil is dry. The soil should be moist, not soggy between waterings. For that reason, weekly watering will be enough. In winter it goes dormant, it needs sparse watering at this time.

Humidity: The most important requirement for this houseplant to thrive is naturally humid conditions. This way, Monstera Adansonii can develop properly. This plant is an Amazonian, it likes humidity. It will love the bathroom or a fernery.

Temperature: A range of 18.5°C – 29.5°C (65℉ – 85℉) will be the optimal temperature for Monstera Adansonii – your Swiss Cheese Vine. This plant can resist down to 12.5°C (55℉). But below this range it will suffer and may even die.

Soil Type: Your Monstera Adansonii houseplant does not demand special soil. But peat-based potting mixes are a good choice. Also, the soil should be well-draining and well-ventilated.

Fertilizer: Liquid fertilizers are fairly effective in plant development. Particularly, applying fertilizers monthly in its growing season will encourage it to thrive. We do not advocate the use of commercial additives however using watered down worm tea (5% in water) or similar will give better results with less cost.

Propagation: There are three common ways to propagate Your Monstera Adansonii houseplant. Starting from seeds is the first way which is a little long. It can require a bit of patience. Another way is stem cuttings. You can start it in water until rooting begins. Once the roots have established it will do better potted.

Repotting: Your Swiss Cheese Vine will respond well to repotting after two years. Before repotting it, soak your pot in water for 1 hour and let it drain. This will reduce transplant shock.