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Plants can turn your home into a refuge from the outside world by creating an ambient space of serene and soothing delights. Our modern age has seen this indoor plant trend taking on home décor to provide an almost holistic feel-good space within your living areas that is incredibly good for your health and your state of mind. By introducing indoor plants into your life you can significantly improve your health and overall happiness. No matter whether you live in a rambling house or just a small apartment the benefits are well documented.

We pride ourselves on our rare and unusual collection and we strive to provide green life that doesn’t cost the earth.  We have gathered together some of the best varieties suited to indoors, outdoors and patios and we can help you to pick the perfect plants to add colour, life and vitality to your home.

We are growers in South East Queensland. Wholesale enquiries are most welcome and we can, within the production timetable, produce the type and amount required for your landscaping and decorating needs.