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Top Australian Guest Toiletries Supplier for Vacation Rentals

The Vacation Rental industry have now become part of the hospitality industry as a whole. Hotels management groups and hotel lobbyist are very much aware of this new trend.  Hotel managers are looking to improve their guest experience to match what the vacation rental industry is offering by giving a more personal guest experience and promoting the idea of travelling like a local and providing a home away from home vibe to a luxury experience. 

The vacation rental industry in return needs to learn from what hotels have been excelling at - Like providing free toiletries and accessories, robes and slippers, mini bar and even condoments if there is a kitchen in the rental. Even the large on-line booking companies like and are encouraging hosts to provide these items or as least warn the potential guest if they are not so the guest can attempt to make there own arrangements.

These small items are some of the things that travellers appreciate very much. It not so easy to have every convenience neatly packed in your travel gear.

So here at one of the Top Australian Guest Toiletries Suppliers, you can find the premium quality guest toiletries for vacation rentals in Australia. We highly encourage you to check them out!