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Accommodation Amenities- Australian Soap Manufacturers

Provide your guests with a revitalising and luxurious experience at your hotel with luxury items sourced from top Australian soap manufacturers

If you are planning to replenish you soap supplies then look no further than Accam. Sourced from top Australian soap manufacturers, to provide your guests with the local Australian experience, Accommodation Amenities (Accam) brings forth a range of carefully selected soaps made from natural ingredients.

The products we wholesale have a myriad of ingredients sourced locally, for example, Australian essential oils which enhance stress relief and are good for the skin at the same time. At Accam., we pride ourselves on our hand-picked range of environmentally friendly soaps that are completely biodegradable and nature-friendly. The product itself and its packaging are made in ways that are eco-friendly. They are vegetable based soaps that do not dry the skin and are mineral free so they let the skin absorb moisture, making them the perfect luxury soap for your guests.

With an experience of two decades, Accam is one of the leading wholesale hotel amenities suppliers. We provide a professional, efficient and budget-friendly service so you may serve your guests in the best possible way.

Having good soaps and skincare products at your hotel or hospitality facility is one of the most important aspects of keeping your guests happy. To maximize your guest’s contentment at being at your hotel, you must provide them with great luxury products so that they may come back and stay with you.

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Why us?

  • Being nature-friendly and looking for nature-friendly options is one of the trends on the rise. By using environmentally friendly soaps and products by Australian soap manufacturers, your brand can attract a specific crowd. We are also Private Label Soap Manufacturers. So if you need a Private Soap Manufacturer give us a call today and we will guide you through the process.
  • The soaps that we source have all-natural ingredients that not only clean the skin of your guests but moisturise it too.
  • We prioritise shipping your order on the same day you place it.
  • We have a return and refund policy of 14 days after the date of purchase if the product is not as described or faulty.

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To make an inquiry or set up an order for your business, you can call us at TEL: 02 8411 2126 & 0450 773 474. To have an extensive look at the products we source, please visit