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Eco Friendly Hotel Toiletries

Eco Friendly Hotel Toiletries

Here at AccAm all of our Eco Friendly Hotel Amenities are gorgeously scented with pure Australian essential oils. Producing  luxurious and eco-friendly hotel toiletries collections is our specialty.  Our Designer ranges are created to give your guests an invigorating boost whilst doing minimum damage to the environment.

All of our dermatologically tested eco friendly hotel toiletries, including body wash, shampoo, hair conditioner and body lotion, are carefully formulated with uniquely beneficial extracts and ingredients that keep your skin and hair healthy.  In addition these ecofriendly toiletries are completely free from aggressive preserving ingredients like parabens, BHT and formaldehyde. They never contain any animal based ingredients. Only pure plant based ingredients are selected to ensure purity and safety for the user and the environment.


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