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Buy Premium Quality Hotel And Motel Guest Toiletries

Luxury Hotel & Motel Guest Toiletries Sourced by Accommodation Amenities (Accam) 

The Perfect Choice for Your Business.

Are you looking to set up a new luxury hotel or a motel? Or are you planning to upgrade your current business to a luxury one? In any case Accommodation Amenities can provide you with luxury hotel & motel guest toiletries at the best price.

Sourced and handpicked from the some of the best manufacturers, Accam offers an extensive list of products to choose from, varying from luxury shampoo, soap, body wash and more, to hotel and motel accessories as well. Our products have unique tantalizing aromas obtained by a blend of essential oils among other natural ingredients. Being environmentally friendly is extremely important to us at Accommodation Amenities hence, our products are completely nature-friendly and biodegradable. The soaps we source are vegetable based making them safe to use for all skin types.

To have luxury products in one’s business is extremely important because it gives the clients an idea of whether the place they are going to stay at is going to treat them in the best way or not. These toiletries are so important that some guests solely choose a place to stay by looking at their line of toiletries and accessories and lastly, giving fantastic service will definitely make your guests want to come back for more and through word of mouth, your business may even expand more.

Why us?

  • With two decades of industry experience Accam, provides professional, efficient and cost-friendly service.
  • We have a price match guarantee, where we give a 10% off on the rate other retailers are selling equivalent products.
  • Our products are nature friendly, they are biodegradable and also carbon neutral.
  • We prioritise shipping the same day we receive an order, making order processing fast and efficient.
  • Accommodation Amenities provides luxury hotel & motel guest toiletries in bulk too, where you can take advantage of your buying power to lock in long term savings.

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Call us now to make an inquiry or set up an order? Our number is 02 8411 2126.