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Toiletries for AirBNB Hosts

Starting out as an AirBnB Host

Our typical AirBnB host "Mandy" says she always tries to get some small snack and Tea and Coffee items for the kitchen, she adds toiletries to the bathroom, she buys fresh flowers. This makes the stay much nicer for her guests. It is in keeping with the guests expectations. Mandy also makes sure to list exactly what will be offered at the property in her advertised listings so that there will be no surprises when her guests arrive.  This way Mandy also decreases her chances for a bad review in her Airbnb business. She also ties her airbnb booking calander to her booking calander to make her work load simpler. Having an account with provides more rentals than airbnb says Mandy, after being on both platforms for the last 12 months.

Sourcing Toiletries for AirBNB

Hosts wanting to set up short term rentals need a number of items like linen, furnishings, breakfast items also Guest toiletries. Most of these items can be found locally which is a great help for the small operator. The breakfast items can be sourced from your local supermarket, your linen and furnishing items from places like BigW, K-Mart or Target. Not so easy are the small toiletries items for the bathroom and these can all be sourced from Accommodation Amenities, right here on this web site. A great starting point is our Eco Basic range of guest toiletries - you can take a look by clicking here.

Property Management apps that may be of interest to host startups:-

1. Guesty - Guesty's Airbnb Property Management Software helps property managers for Airbnb,, HomeAway and more, manage guests visits effectively

2. AirGMS -  Vacation rental management is complicated. Make it easier with AirGMS. Manage all your day-to-day activities, routine tasks, and calendars in a single dashboard.

3. Hosty - Channel Manager and booking automation

Guest Toiletries