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Buy Travel Size Soaps For Convenience

Accommodation Amenities - We Have A Wide Range of Travel Size Soaps for all Your Needs

At Accommodation Amenities we have been catering to the needs of the hospitality industry in Australia for more than two decades. We have an ever expanding, fantastic range of travel size soaps that are packaged using eco-friendly materials and manufactured using natural ingredients, not to be found anywhere else at the price range we offer.

Our easy to handle soaps are the perfect size and can fit easily in the carry-on luggage of your guests. Though travel soap is a small luxury item, we are well aware that in the hospitality industry, it is the small things that make all the difference. Which is why we put great emphasis on the quality of our assorted toiletries.

Which soap suits your guests best?

Hotel guests usually love to have travel size soaps that are manufactured from natural ingredients. The main reason for a preference of eco-friendly products is that they do not have any side effects, and can be used for any skin type with complete peace of mind. At Accommodation Amenities you get the best of all these qualities. Moreover, our wide range of wholesale products will make it easier for you to create the perfect bundle for your guests.

Why Choose Us?

We are a supplier of choice for hotel amenities and guest toiletries in the hospitality industry for a number of reasons. We are a wholesaler of eco-friendly products that are manufactured from natural ingredients. The biggest privilege we offer is that our products would not only make your guests’ stay a pleasant experience but they also help you save some money in the process. In addition, all our products are available in bulk quantities. You can consult our hotel amenities catalogue for making your choice easy.

Ordering Made Easier

At Accommodation Amenities, we do all the good things that would make your online experience convenient and stress-free. You can order online by filling out the online order form on our website or directly call us on TEL: 02 8411 2126. You can also contact us directly at 12 Cecil Road, Hornsby NSW 2077.